Friday, March 26, 2010

The Story of the Easter Bunny - A Retelling by Daniel

Once upon a time in the little cottage there was an old man and an old woman and they had a little bunny.  Every Easter they would make Easter eggs.  They would weave baskets and they would wrap chocolate eggs in coloured foil.  The old lady, she melted the chocolate and then the old man poured it into little egg cups because they're shaped like eggs.  Then they delivered them to the people all around the world.  All this time their little bunny had been watching.
They got older and older and the bunny started helping them make the Easter Eggs and delivering them.  They got older and they got so old that one day they could not help him.  Too many people were discovering where he lived and his secrets so he ran away to a tree in a nearby forest.  There was an entrance that only a bunny could find.  He made Easter eggs there with all his bunny friends.  There was a room for weaving, a room for colouring, a room for putting the foil around and the the bunny did all the delivering.
(From Mum - This is Daniel's retelling of a story his teacher read to the class this week.)

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  1. Dan what a fantastic memory you have! It's great that you have included a storage area for all the eggs (too bad it is not next door to our classroom. We could eat Easter eggs all day long!). The Easter Bunny must get very hungry and thirsty with all the work he does. Dan are you going to leave any special treats out for the Easter Bunny this year? See you on Monday Dan! X Ms T


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